hello we will make you discover the netball which is a basketball deriver.This sport was invented in by clara 1895 by clara Gregory Baer.

Netball :Only the Goal Shooter and the Goal Attack can score goals when they are in the goal circle. This sport is contactless, and the defender must be at least 90 cm from his opponent. It is forbidden to walk with the ball or to make a pass to oneself. A player with the ball may not make more than one step before passing it, and must not keep the ball for more than three seconds. Unlike basketball, dribbling is prohibited. It is therefore necessary to pass the ball to a player of his team to advance the ball. A professional match lasts 60 minutes, divided into four 15-minute intervals. At the beginning of each quarter and after each goal, the face-off is made from the center of the pitch by the Center and alternates from one team to another, regardless of which team scored last.

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